2010 Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending Summer Camp Information

Hello Goalies and Goalie Parents,

It has been a while since details of the 2010 Summer Camp were announced and the first session is quickly approaching so we are sending this information so everyone is informed and no one misses anything.

Dates and Times of the Camp

The camp sessions are Friday evenings beginning June 4th and ending July 30th. There will be no session July 2nd in observation of Independence Day.

The first ice session begins promptly at 4.05 pm and the second at 5.35 pm. Each on-ice session is 90 minutes long and there will not be an ice-make in-between sessions. Details of off-ice sessions are listed below in Section V.

Camp Location

All camp sessions will be held at the Ice Ranch. Address is 841 South Park Drive in Littleton. Ice Ranch phone number is 303.285.2110.

Goalie Groups

There are two groups for the camp, each based on combination of birth year and experience. They are split evenly based on camp attendees.

The Fleury Group – Designed for younger and/or lesser experienced goalies            

The Miller Group – Designed for more experienced and/or older goalies.

Group Information/Sessions

Each week The Fleury Group begins working on-ice while The Miller Group begins with off-ice training.


With a 8-week camp, we expect several goalies to miss at least one session. Please email us (elitegoaltending@yahoo.com) before the camp begins with date(s) you will be missing so the staff can plan sessions accordingly.

Final Payment

To reserve a slot in the camp, a deposit was required in the amount of $300.00. The remaining balance ($275.00) is due before your goalie begins their first on-, or off-ice, session. We are sorry but there are no exceptions.

Balances can be submitted when goalie checks-in on July 4th. If a goalie is going to miss the first week, please notify us by email at elitegoaltending@yahoo.com and we will make arrangements.

Checks are to be made out to Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending.

Jerseys and Off-Ice Apparel

Each goalie will be provided a camp jersey to wear throughout all ice sessions of the entire camp. The jerseys, which are all goalie cut, were ordered through a custom manufacturer and had to be pre-ordered in the early spring.  Jerseys will be distributed during check-in and since sizes were estimated at time of order there may be cases where jerseys are not actual size goalie would normally order.

For off-ice training, please make sure to bring attire and shoes appropriate for working out. Any goalie without appropriate shoes will not be able to participate in the workouts and will have points deducted from the Reebok Challenge.

Goalies are responsible to bring their water to the off-ice training portion of the camp.

Off-Ice Training Information

Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending formed a partnership with Casey Bond and Paul Goldberg for all of our goalie-specific off-ice workouts. We are very pleased to offer our goalies the opportunity to learn from the Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the Colorado Avalanche.

Each off-ice session will last approximately 60 minutes and will concentrate solely on developing areas that will enhance each goalie’s on-ice performance.

Most off-ice sessions will take place outside so please make sure to bring something to drink.

Sessions begin at 4.15 (The Miller Group) and 6.05 for The Fleury Group.

Reebok Challenge

Each goalie will participate in the Reebok Challenge as part of the camp. As before, each week there will be an on-ice drill as well as goalie-specific homework questions to earn points.

On-ice points are awarded two ways. First, goalie will be awarded points based on how successful they execute the drill. In addition, each goalie will be paired-up with goalie of similar skill. Whoever scores better throughout the drill will be awarded bonus points. Our aim is to rotate the goalie tandems so goalies only compete against each other once.

Homework answers can, primarily, be found on our blog in the numerous articles. Blog address is www.elitegoaltending.wordpress.com.

 The top three goalies in points for each group will earn new Reebok goalie gear. The top three prizes are

The Fleury Group

First Place – Revoke 7000 Goalie Pads

Second Place – Revoke 7000 Catcher and Blocker Set

Third Place – Premier 7k Goalie Stick

The Miller Group

First Place – Revoke 9000 Goalie Pads

Second Place – Revoke 9000 Glove and Blocker Set

Third Place – Premier 7k Goalie Stick

Point System is as follows-

Point Accumulations

On-Ice Session Drill – Up to 10 Points

On-Ice Bonus Points – Up to 2 Points (if tie score, bonus points are split)

Off-Ice Homework/Questions – Up to 10 Points

Attendance – 2 points each week attended

Point Deductions  

Late to On-/Off-Ice Sessions        1 point

To prevent problems with delivery (i.e. email spam filters, incorrect addresses), weekly posted on our blog.

Weekly Reebok Challenge Questions will be posted on the blog each week by Sunday evening. To submit answers please click on our email link (listed with the questions) and send the email when answering is completed. All goalies must submit their answers by 2.00 pm Friday to earn up to 10 points. If any questions are submitted later, the highest possible point total for the week is 5. No points are awarded after answers to questions are posted on the blog which, typically, will be the following Sunday evening after the session.

For winners in each group, all winners will receive Reebok gear. Under no circumstances will any substitutions from other goalie gear manufacturers be allowed. If a winning goalie does not need the actual gear he earned, a substitution from within the Reebok line will be allowed of the same value.

Please note, Kevin’s son, Dillon, will be participating in the camp and Reebok Challenge but will not be eligible to win any of the prizes if he were to finish in the top three in his group. He is not aware of this and Coach Whalen prefers it stays that way…

Goalie’s Behavior/The Ice Ranch

Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending is very pleased to offer our camp at The Ice Ranch and believe the facilities will be a perfect fit for our camp. Although we do not expect any problems, we do require all goalies treat the facility and its staff with full respect – particularly the locker rooms. If any goalie(s) is found to abuse the facility/staff in any manner, they will be sent home immediately and may be excused from the remainder of the camp. If excused, there will be no refunds issued by Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending and goalie will be held liable for any property damages to the rink.

Locker Room Assignments

Each group will be assigned two locker rooms and we request goalies use one of the two locker rooms assigned to their specific group.

Elite Goaltending Blog

All camp announcements, Rbk Challenge Questions and Weekly Recaps will be posted on our blog (www.elitegoaltending.wordpress.com).  The majority of the homework questions will be based on content from the blog entries.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact either Brian or Kevin with any questions throughout the camp. Please note, we will not discuss Rbk Challenge results.

 Kevin Whalen – 720.207.8081

Brian TenEyck – 303.717.4329

Thank you – we look forward to working with each goalie this summer.


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