ANSWERS – 2010 Reebok Challenge Questions (WEEK I)

Question 1 – Below is a viedo clip from Game One of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals where Patrick Sharp scores in the second period against Philly goalie Michael Leighton. What does Leighton do wrong that contributes to the goal against (2-Points for Correct Answer).

Answer – Leighton does two things wrong during the play. First, he is much too deep in his net. Although he is facing a 2 on 1 so he can’t be too far out in event of Sharp passing the puck, he at least needs to be at the top of the blue paint of his crease. Leighton is a big goalie at 6’3″ so he can play deeper in his net than many, but, against as good a shooter as Patrick Sharp, he needed to challenge more. Second, Leigthon drops his catch glove from the position of taking away the top corner of the net to just below his knees as he drops to the butterfly which opens up the top corner. Considering where the puck was being fired from, the glove drop was excessive and, along with the deep play, cost Leighton and the Flyers. 

Question 2 True or False – According to Patrick Roy, it is important for goalies to always show their teammates nothing will bother them regardless of what is happening in a game. (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Answer – TRUE. Roy was very sensitive to how he was perceived by teammates and opponents and never appeared rattled so his teammates could just relax and play. This is very important for all goalies to pay attention to. Slumped shoulders, throwing hands up in the air as to give up, slamming stick against posts are all signs of disaster for teammates. Their anxiety will increase taking their focus off their job resulting in less effective play from them.

Link to Answer –

Question 3– Dan Blackburn became the starting goaltender of the New York Rangers as an 18 year-old during the 2001 season. On a blog post, he gave five reasons why it is critical for goalies to work on the mental part of their game. Of the five, list two reasons and provide a short one-sentence explanation of each you list. (4 Points for Correct Answer) 

Answer – Reasons are – Increased Consistency, Improved Focus, Increased Confidence, Coming Back from Injury, and Find the Zone.  After listing two from the list, goalies had to add sentence of explanation of each.

Link to Answer –

Question 4 The staff at Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending has identified two factors as to why many once-dominant young players (squirt, pee wee) become just average players once they reach the bantam level? Name both observations (2-Points for Correct Answer).

ANSWER- “Having seen many players (goalies and skaters) once considered very good at younger ages only to become average when it really matters (2nd year bantam through midgets), I have noticed two common factors in every case: the lack of work ethic and passion for the game.”

 Link to Answer  –

Question 5 – When a goalie has a hard time staying focused throughout the game, sports psychologist Adam Naylor recalls, in a video posted on this blog, a “high level coach” suggesting to him the goalie should? (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Answer – Naylor recalls a coach suggesting goalies struggling with focusing during a game should do a “play-by-play” as if an announcer calling the game for radio and television. From personal experience, there is no greater way to calm the mind and focus on the game.

Link to Answer  –


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