2010 Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending Summer Camp/Reebok Challenge Questions (WEEK IV)

Please read the questions below and provide answers via email (elitegoaltending@yahoo.com) before 3.00 pm Friday July 9. Total of 10 points available towards winning the Reebok Challenge unless answers turned in late. If turned in later than 3.00 Friday but before answers are posted, a maximum of 5 points will be awarded. Questions turned in after answers are posted recieve no points.

Question 1 – From on-ice instruction, when discussing rebound control, name the order of what the goalie should move? (2 Point for Correct Answer) 

a. Hands, Eyes, Feet

b. Eyes, Hands, Feet

c. Feet, Hands, Eyes

d. Eyes, Feet, Hands

Question 2 – Fill in the following phrases from the blog post “Ray Emery – The Path He Took Towards Career Destruction and Lessons From His Journey” (4 Total Points with 0.5 Points for Each Correct Answer)

Hard Work leads to __________

Playing well leads to ______

People telling you about your great play leads to ___________

Over-confidence leads to ______________

Lesser practice intensity leads to ____________

Self-pity leads to _________

Negative behavior leads to ____________

Distraction towards team leads to ______________

Question 3 – In “A Crater is Filled with Character” several components of personal character important to the success of a hockey player is listed. Name four. (2 Total Points with 0.5 Points for Each Correct Answer)

Question 4 – In “Selfish Lost: a situation is only “adversity” when viewed as such. Most of the time is it? (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Question 5 – What is Carey Price doing wrong in this picture according to a post on the blog? (1 Point for Correct Answer)


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