ANSWERS – 2010 Reebok Challenge Questions (Week III)

Question 1 – True or False – In a scientific study from the University of Calgary, elite goalies watch the body of the shooters just before the shot is being released.  (1 Point for Correct Answer) 

Answer 1 Link –

Answer – False. scientists (sweet job) found elite goalies focused directly on the puck a full second before release 75% of the time. Looking at the body of shooters was only 2% of the time. Watch the puck!!!

Question 2 – Steve McKichan’s article, “Top Ten Reasons for Goaltending Success” was posted on the blog. True or False – McKichan believes as long as you are working harder than any goalie you know, that is working hard enough? (1 Point for correct answer). 2b. True or False – McKichan believes goalies need to practice on both their weaknesses and skills they have already mastered? (1 Point for correct answer)

Answer 2 Link –

Answer– A two-part question with each answer receiving one point for being correct. First, any goalie who thinks he is working hard enough comparing himself to those he knows does not see the whole picture therefore the answer is FALSE. As my own father would be happy to point out, regardless of how hard I was working on becoming better, “someone somewhere is working harder than you for the same things you want.” Although drove me crazy growing-up, his words were wise for life in addition to hockey. The second part is TRUE. Obviously goalies need to work on weaknesses BUT they can never stop working on skills already “mastered.” Otherwise, the once mastered skills can become weaknesses….

Question 3 – Sports psychologist Adam Naylor suggests methods to increase and decrease energy level in the crease. Name two methods to increase and two to decrease energy

Answer 3 Link –

Answer – In the video Adam Naylor suggests ways to increase and decrease energy for a goalie to find the optimal energy during a game. To increase, Naylor suggests the goalie should “get moving” and “get aggressive” and to decrease, “slow down” movements and “breathe deeply.

Question 4 – Like Blackhawks goalie Antti Niemi, “successful goalies constantly have to adjust to the circumstance, but, unless they have the ____________, they will fall short.” (1 Total Point for Correct Answer)

Answer Link –

Answer – Will to Win

Question 5 – Anxiety is feelings of nervousness, worry and apprehension and is common in goalies. Name one reason you, as a goalie, feel anxiety during (or before) a game. What, according to a blog article, two things could you do to control the anxiety? (3 points total with 1 point for reason for personal anxiety and 1 point each for anxiety controls)

Answer 5 Link –

Answer – Of the three available points for this question, simply stating a reason for anxiety while in net (or before a game) awarded the goalie one point. It is useful (actually necessary) for goalies to understand what creates anxiety so they can begin to deal effectively with it so their play can improve. As for the two suggestions from the blog to control anxiety (each worth one point), these are tensing/relaxing muscles and breathing (can we stress the importance of breathing in excelling in sports??).

Question 6 – In a post on the blog featuring Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood,  it quotes Osgood stating, “”I was always prepared and made sure I was, so, when I got the call I didn’t second guess myself” in reference to his hard work at practices while serving as the team’s back-up. Osgood went on that year to replace Dominik Hasek as the team’s starter in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs and lead the team to winning the Cup (2008). In the article featuring Osgood’s quote, it states why so many goalies in the back-up role never become the team’s starting goalie. What is the reason (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Answer Six Link

Answer – Many back-up goalies never become starters because they are convinced they’re getting a raw deal from the coach and/or team. Too many goalies can’t see the entire picture of what is going on or are afraid to really take a deep look into their performance and situation and just assume the coach is out to get them.


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