2010 Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending Reebok Challenge Questions (Week VI)

Please read the questions below and provide answers via email (elitegoaltending@yahoo.com) before 3.00 pm Friday July 23. Total of 10 points available towards winning the Reebok Challenge unless answers turned in late. If turned in later than 3.00 Friday but before answers are posted, a maximum of 5 points will be awarded. Questions turned in after answers are posted receive no points.

Question One – According to on-ice instruction, as the goalie is rotating the body and planting the foot for a power slide, what vital thing must the goalie do before pushing off? (1 Point for Correct Answer)

A. Make sure the foot just planted is angled so the push will be executed using the heel

B. Find the puck to know where to slide to

C. Tuck in the “lead leg” (the “lead leg” is opposite of the planted leg in a power slide)

D. Yell at the lazy forwards to actually play a little defense instead of waiting for the defense to pass them the puck and for the defense to start clearing bodies out of the crease so a save can be made.

Question Two – True or False – According to on-ice instruction, for goalie-specific movement, goalie skates sharpness doesn’t really matter and the goalie should only get them sharpened whenever the opportunity presents itself. (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Question Three – Below are four statements based on article within the blog on 12 recommendations for try-outs. (4 Points with 1 Point for Each Correct Answer)

A. True or False – It is important for goalies to look over their equipment before tryouts and repair anything that may need attention

B. True or False – Eating fast good the day of the tryout is a great idea

C. True or False – In the locker room before the tryout session(s), it’s a good idea to socialize with other players.

D. True or False – A goalie should only worry about what he/she can control

Question Four – In the blog post “No Need to Panic: Dealing with the Inevitable Slump” two recommendations were made for goalies in a slump. What are the two simple things a goalie should do and briefly explain each (do not cut and paste from article)? (2 Points with 1 Point for Each Correct Answer and Brief Description)

Question Five – As the camp is coming to a close, list two areas you feel you have improved during the camp and two areas you feel you need much more work on. (2 Points with 1 Point for Each Area Described)


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