Off Ice Training Exercises for Goaltenders

August 12, 2010

Video from Revolution Athlete going over three exercises specific for goaltending.


The Importance of Stick Placement

August 7, 2010

Goalies of all ages, including in the NHL, can be sloppy with their stick placement on breakaways and other attacks at the net. Keeping the stick between the legs, known as the 5-hole, is a very simple concept but is hard to execute properly on a consistent basis.

The video below is a great review of the importance stick placement. The narrator (known as, apparently, the “Goalie Guru”), although a tad bit sanctimonious in criticizing Roberto Loungo, has several great points in explaining a skill many goalies, including NHL, struggle with.

As we always say on the ice with our goalies, the importance of stick placement cannot be stressed enough. Make it a habit to lead with the stick and cover the 5-hole. Your movement around the net will improve as will your save percentage. As with everything else, details matter!

Simple Drills from Osgood

August 7, 2010

Video of Chris Osgood and his goalie coach, Jim Bedard, showing a few simple drills goalies can do on their own to begin a practice.