2011 Reebok Challenge Questions – Week 1

Please read the questions below and provide answers via email (elitegoaltending@yahoo.com) before 8.00 am Monday July 18th. Total of 15 points available towards winning the Reebok Challenge unless answers turned in late. If turned in later than 3.00 Friday but before answers are posted, a maximum of 10 points will be awarded. Questions turned in after answers are posted receive no points.

Question 1 –  How many Colorado Avalanche goalies have won the Conn Symthe Trophy (NHL playoff MVP) at sometime in their career? (1-Point for Correct Answer).

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 4
  4. None

Question 2 – True or False – It’s necessary for all goalies, when facing a shot, to watch the puck all the way into their body. (1-Point for Correct Answer)

Question 3 – When a goalie is square at Position 2 (7-Point System covered on-ice during first session) and needs to move to Angle Position 7 with no threat of a shot, which goalie-specific movement does he use? (1-Point for Correct Answer)

  1. T-Push
  2. Shuffle
  3. Slide across the crease feet first
  4. Whatever it takes – as long as the goalie gets there who cares?

Question 4 – Which of the following NHL goalies never won the Hart Trophy for the NHL’s Most Valuable Player in a regular season? (1-Point for Correct Answer)

  1. Dominic Hasek
  2. Jacques Plante
  3. Patrick Roy
  4. Roy Worters

Question 5 – In the blog post “How Things Can Change Quickly for Goalies – Lesson from the NHL for Younger Goalies” the goalie situation in Nashville was discussed and there were three steps listed each goalie can take to avoid becoming being benched. What are they? (1-Point for Each Correct Answer – 3 Total Points Available)

Question 6 – The current trend in goalie gear is for goalie pads to be predominately white. What is the thinking behind this? (1-Points for Each Correct Answer)

Question 7 – What do all goalies, from U8 through the NHL, need to work on every time they are on the ice? (1-Point for Correct Answer)

  1. Butterfly Slides
  2. Stickhandling
  3. Movement
  4. Handling Screen Shots

Question 8 – Who was the first American-born goalie to be selected #1 in the NHL draft?(1-Points for Correct Answer)

Question 9 – When a goalie is square to Angle Position 2 and needs to move to #3 (7-Point System), which goal-specific movement is used? (1-Point for Correct Answer)

  1. T-Push
  2. Shuffle
  3. Slides across the crease feet first
  4. Whatever it takes – as long as the goalie gets there who cares?

Question 10 – In the 7-Point System, what two on-ice markings do Positions 2 and 6 line-up with?  Position 4? (1-Point for Each Correct Answer – 2 Total Points Available)

Question 11 – According to the Dan Blackburn article republished on the blog, what separates greatness in goaltending from mediocrity? (1-Point for Correct Answer)

Question 12True or False – Whenever a goalie is practicing his movement on the ice without facing shots, it really doesn’t matter whether the gloves are positioned correctly since there is no chance of making a save? (1-Point for Correct Answer)


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