Price Working on His Gloves – Example of How It Should Be Done

In today’s NHL, there is no better techincally perfect goaltender than Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens. No one is better…

In light of Thursday’s on-ice session where we worked on controlling the puck with both catcher and blocker, I thought I would post two video sessions of Price in practice for the goalies to observe.



Few simple, yet vital, things to watch for as Price makes saves with both gloves-

1. Knees remain bent

2. Gloves are in-front of his body

3. Price watches the puck from shot release into his gear to where he has deflected to.

With regards to the blocker, notice he is simply rotating his wrist to the right and each puck is deflected into the corner. By just allowing the puck to make contact with the blocker while simply rotating the wrist eliminates a potential rebound and scoring opporuntity.

Moving on to playing games, below are two glove saves by Price that are remarkable-

Those are awesome but not sure they are as good as the save below which may be the best save in the history of the game…. holy moly this is amazing (particuarly since it was made in the pre-season against the Wings three years ago)…


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