2011 Reebok Challenge Questions – Week 1 – ANSWERS

Question 1 –  How many Colorado Avalanche goalies have won the Conn Smythe Trophy (NHL playoff MVP) at sometime in their career?

Answer: Two goalies who have been part of the orgnaization have won the Conn Smythe Trophy. Patrick Roy (1986, 1993 and 2001) and newly acquired J.S. Giguere ( 2003)

Question 2 – True or False – It’s necessary for all goalies, when facing a shot, to watch the puck all the way into their body.

Answer: True. Goalies must keep their eye on the puck from shot release all the  way into their body. In addition to increasing chance for the correct save movement and save, the goalie is better prepared for any rebound if the puck is not controlled.

Question 3 – When a goalie is square at Position 2 (7-Point System covered on-ice during first session) and needs to move to Angle Position 7 with no threat of a shot, which goalie-specific movement does he use?      

Answer: When moving longer distances through the crease, the goalie should use T-Pushes.

Question 4 – Which of the following NHL goalies never won the Hart Trophy for the NHL’s Most Valuable Player in a regular season?

Answer: Patrick Roy. Although he is arguably the best goalie to ever play the game, he never won the MVP of the regular season, known as the Hart Trophy. The closest he came was the 1991-92 season when Mark Messier won the trophy.

Question 5 – In the blog post “How Things Can Change Quickly for Goalies – Lesson from the NHL for Younger Goalies” the goalie situation in Nashville was discussed and there were three steps listed each goalie can take to avoid becoming being benched. What are they?            

Answer : The three steps goalies can take to avoid getting benched are:  understanding hard work is only road to success, never take anything for granted, and work to improve every day.

Question 6 – The current trend in goalie gear is for goalie pads to be predominately white. What is the thinking behind this?

Answer: the current trend for predominately white pads is due to they tend   to make the goalie look larger because they blend into the ice and boards as the shooter takes a quick look at the net.

Question 7 – What do all goalies, from U8 through the NHL, need to work on every time they are on the ice?

Answer: Movement. Every goalie from beginner through the NHL needs to work on different aspects of movement every practice.

Question 8 – Who was the first American-born goalie to be selected #1 in the NHL draft?(1-Points for Correct Answer)

Answer: Rick DiPietro in the 2000 NHL draft.

Question 9 – When a goalie is square to Angle Position 2 and needs to move to #3 (7-Point System), which goal-specific movement is used?

Answer: Shuffle. Any time goalies need to make small movements while on  their feet, shuffles are the best option.

Question 10 – In the 7-Point System, what two on-ice markings do Positions 2 and 6 line-up with?  Position 4? 

Answer: Positions 2 and 6 line-up on the defensive zone face-off dots.  Position 4 lines up with center ice face-off dot.

Question 11 – According to the Dan Blackburn article republished on the blog, what separates greatness in goaltending from mediocrity? 

Answer: Mental game is what separates goalies (particularly the ability to deal with adversity). Even more important than the athletic and technical aspects of the position, the mental portion is what makes or breaks most goalies.

Question 12True or False – Whenever a goalie is practicing his movement on the ice without facing shots, it really doesn’t matter whether the gloves are positioned correctly since there is no chance of making a save?            

Answer: False – Gloves must always be positioned correctly during movement regardless of facing shots. It’s a habit the goalie must adopt but many, particularly younger, do not (that changes at this camp).


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