Reebok Challenge Questions – Week II

Please read the questions below and provide answers via email ( before 8.00 am Monday July 25th. Total of 15 points available towards winning the Reebok Challenge unless answers turned in late. If turned in later than 8.00 am Monday but before answers are posted (Tuesday evenings), a maximum of 10 points will be awarded. Questions turned in after answers are posted receive no points.

With the retirement of Chris Osgood today, a few questions pertaining to him-

Question 1. How many NHL regular season wins did Chris Osgood finish with? What place did he finish on the NHL’s all-time wins list for goalies? (1-point for each correct answer – 2 Total Points)

Question 2. Acording to a post on this blog, Chris Osgood said goalies should “focus on the proper things.” During games, what does that mean? During practice? (2-points for each correct answer – 4 Total Points)

Question 3. According to a post on this blog, Chris Osgood was able to stay in the league for two reasons. What were they? (1-point for each correct answer – 2 Total Points)

Question 4. When a goaltender is making a save with the chest, which of the following should the goalie do to control the puck? (1 -point for correct answer)

a. Suck in Gut

b. Roll Shoulders Forward

c. Trap the Puck at the Waist

d. All of the Above

Question 5. Dan Blackburn became the starting goaltender of the New York Rangers as an 18 year-old during the 2001 season. On a blog post, he gave five reasons why it is critical for goalies to work on the mental part of their game. Of the five, list two reasons and provide a short one-sentence explanation of each. (1-point for each reason and 1-point for each explaination – 4 Total Points)

Question 6. True or False – It is vital for goalies to always have sharp skates. (1-point for correct answer)

Question 7. From on-ice instruction, when a goalie is facing the puck in the high slot and there is a “back-door” scoring threat, what part of the player standing “back-door” does the goalie have to pay particular attention to in determing how close to the top-of-the-crease they can position themselves? (1-point for correct answer)


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