Price Working on His Gloves – Example of How It Should Be Done

July 16, 2011

In today’s NHL, there is no better techincally perfect goaltender than Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens. No one is better…

In light of Thursday’s on-ice session where we worked on controlling the puck with both catcher and blocker, I thought I would post two video sessions of Price in practice for the goalies to observe.



Few simple, yet vital, things to watch for as Price makes saves with both gloves-

1. Knees remain bent

2. Gloves are in-front of his body

3. Price watches the puck from shot release into his gear to where he has deflected to.

With regards to the blocker, notice he is simply rotating his wrist to the right and each puck is deflected into the corner. By just allowing the puck to make contact with the blocker while simply rotating the wrist eliminates a potential rebound and scoring opporuntity.

Moving on to playing games, below are two glove saves by Price that are remarkable-

Those are awesome but not sure they are as good as the save below which may be the best save in the history of the game…. holy moly this is amazing (particuarly since it was made in the pre-season against the Wings three years ago)…


Off Ice Training Exercises for Goaltenders

August 12, 2010

Video from Revolution Athlete going over three exercises specific for goaltending.

The Importance of Stick Placement

August 7, 2010

Goalies of all ages, including in the NHL, can be sloppy with their stick placement on breakaways and other attacks at the net. Keeping the stick between the legs, known as the 5-hole, is a very simple concept but is hard to execute properly on a consistent basis.

The video below is a great review of the importance stick placement. The narrator (known as, apparently, the “Goalie Guru”), although a tad bit sanctimonious in criticizing Roberto Loungo, has several great points in explaining a skill many goalies, including NHL, struggle with.

As we always say on the ice with our goalies, the importance of stick placement cannot be stressed enough. Make it a habit to lead with the stick and cover the 5-hole. Your movement around the net will improve as will your save percentage. As with everything else, details matter!

Simple Drills from Osgood

August 7, 2010

Video of Chris Osgood and his goalie coach, Jim Bedard, showing a few simple drills goalies can do on their own to begin a practice.

The Will to Compete, Battle, Adjust, and Win

June 12, 2010

With 90+ seconds left in Game Six of the Cup Finals with the score tied 3-3, Chicago goaltender Antti Niemi makes a save many are saying allowed the Hawks to win the Cup.

Watching it, is there any real technique he used? Not even close.

Does he appear to get a good read on the developing play to know what is about to happen? Nope. There is no evidence he even knew Jeff Carter from the Flyers (#17) had come around the net and Niemi seems a bit surprised, based on his head movement and decision on how to move with the pass, when Carter receives the puck .

So how did Niemi come up with a save leading to the Hawks winning the Cup?

It was solely his will to beat Carter be making himself as big as he could after he made a wrong decision in reaction to the pass across the top of the crease. He knew he was beat being on his stomach so he lifted his blocker from the ice to as high as he probably could get it  as he slid across the ice in the fraction of a second.

The result, make the save off his elevated shoulder and giving the Hawks the opportunity to win the game in OT.

Net Lesson: Never give up on a play regardless of what you think the outcome will be. Too many goalies quit when they knew they’re beat. Successful goalies constantly have to adjust to the circumstance, but, unless they have the will to win every battle, they will fall short. The game of hockey is all about competing – make sure every time you’re on the ice, you are there to win your battles.

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November 28, 2009

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