Reebok Challenge Questions – Week III

Please read the questions below and provide answers via email ( before 8.00 am Monday  August 1st. Total of 15 points available towards winning the Reebok Challenge unless answers turned in late. If turned in later than 8.00 am Monday but before answers are posted (Tuesday evenings), a maximum of 10 points will be awarded. Questions turned in after answers are posted receive no points.

Question 1 – According to on-ice instruction, when a goaltender is dropping down using a paddle-down movement to the direction of the post closest to his blocker hand, what vital thing most he remember to do with blocker hand as he is coming across the goal line? (2 Points for Correct Answer)

Question 2 – According to on-ice instruction, which leg should a goalie use to get back to his feet when the puck is closest to his blocker-hand? (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Question 3 –    According to on-ice instruction, in relation to goaltending, what is “angle?” (2 Point for Each Correct Answer)

Question 4 – According to on-ice instruction, when the puck is below the goal line at the side-of-the-net to the goalie’s glove hand, where should the goalie place the heel of his stick as he stands against the post? (2 Points for Correct Answer)

Question 5 – According to on-ice instruction, what are the three things a goaltending must do to properly execute a butterfly slide? (1 Point for Each Correct Answer – Total of 3 Points)

Question 6 – According to on-ice instruction, why should goalies tie knots in the skate laces on leg pads used to anchor the skate into the pad? (2 Points for Correct Answer)

Question 7 – Accordingly to on-ice instruction, what part of the skate blade does a goaltender push-off to execute a correct power slide? (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Question 8 – According to on-ice instruction, if a goalie has too long of a paddle on his stick, what problem does it create in a butterfly position? (1 Point for Correct Answer)

Question 9 – According to on-ice instruction, when should a goalie use knee shuffles? (1 Point for Correct Answer)


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