A Change of Mind: Roy, the Habs and #33

August 30, 2008


Apparently the Montreal Canadians are retiring Patrick Roy’s number 33 this coming season as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. This is quite a surprise considering his behavior in the last few years as there was plenty of speclation they would pass on retiring the mighty 33. The ceremony is scheduled for sometime in Novemeber (franchise has not released any details).

To vote whether they should – http://www.faceoff.com/hockey/head2head/h2hstory.html?id=90c5b392-358b-49cf-9d27-5867e0a8177d&sponsor=gatorade


So You Want to be a Goalie (Part II)

August 26, 2008


More words of advice from Littman on goaltending with some good suggestions of what to do to improve your game particularly the Three C’s (Concentration, Consistency, Confidence).

Joseph and the Leafs Part II

August 26, 2008


As Cujo begins his second stint with the Maple Leafs, he had some great advice for all goalies – young and old.

“Somebody once told me, ‘You try to be the best player out there every day.’ And that’s the attitude you should take. Not that you’re going to be (the best), but you should try.”

The Leafs signing Joseph should be good for all parties, the Leafs get one of the best to ever play the game as a back-up, starter Vesa Toskala gets a legend to learn from and Cujo gets to end his career with the team he has great admiration for.

So You Want to be a Goalie (Part I)

August 20, 2008


David Littman’s blog from The Hockey News website describing his growing-up and becoming a goalie. I’m sure many parents will find Littman’s parents were just like themselves – I know my parents were the same….

2007-08 Saves of the Year

August 13, 2008

RDS.ca Top 10 saves of last season (non-playoff)

Many, many beauties…

Changing the Glove for Better

August 13, 2008

At the “closing ceremonies” last Saturday Ryan Hissong spoke to many of the camp goalies about changing the lacing of their catch glove’s pocket to skate lace. The advantages of skate lace are-


·     Allows for deeper pocket which eliminates many rebounds

·     Goalies get a better feel for the puck – again limiting rebounds



Ryan delivered my son’s glove the other day (picture below) and there is a remarkable difference between Dillon catching the puck before the skate lacing and after. ALL YOUNG GOALIES SHOULD CONSIDER THIS TO IMPROVE THEIR PUCK CONTROL WITH THE CATCH GLOVE. THERE IS A REMARKABLE DIFFERENCE.



Ryan does give a lifetime guarantee of his hand woven work.  He turns the gloves around in a very short time – I know my son’s and several other gloves were delivered back within 36 hours. Please contact him at the number/email below – you will not be disappointed.


Saves and Strides – Ryan Hissong – 324 Harrison Street – Denver, 80230 – (303) 803-3020 –Hissongr@gmail.com

Richter – The Best American Gets Honored

August 12, 2008


Mike Richter will be inducted to the USA Hockey Hall of Fame this year. An outstanding goalie for both Team USA and NY Rangers. Congrads Mike – you are the best goalie ever to come from the States.