What is Price Doing Wrong in This Picture?

When the opposing team scores, I have always held the belief the goalie should never help the referee/linesman get the puck out of their net. Please don’t get me wrong, working with the officials is always a good idea. Goalies should always make a habit of helping officials throughout the game.

BUT…. getting scored on is different.

The main objective after letting the puck in is to mentally prepare for the next save opportunity, not, admitting defeat by digging a puck out of the net (scoring teams loves to watch the defeated goalie pull the puck out).

What to do?

Get the heck out of the crease, skate towards the boards, refocus on stopping the next shot, allow the official to get the puck and then skate back into the crease and set-up for the face-off (take a drink of water before or after leaving the crease).


Refocus, Refocus, Refocus after a goal is scored on you. The best way to get ready for the next shot is to get out of the goal area and away from the celebrating opponents. Goalies have a responsibility to their team to be mentally prepared for every shot throuhout the game. It can be hard to focus after a goal is scored so make your job easier by getting “out-of-dodge” and releasing the anxiety goals against can cause. Go tap the side boards and make sure you are ready for the next shot.

How to mentally prepare for the next shot will be the subject of a post coming soon!!


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